Georgia's Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit Program
Georgia Student Scholarship Organization

2019 GaSSO Request for Tax Credit Donation

Complete this online form and submit to GaSSO. GaSSO will submit the request (in the order received) starting January 1, 2019 to the Georgia Department of Revenue for a 2019 tax credit donation.

Please check the box for your Georgia tax filing status:

Tax Filing Status
Maximum Donation Allowed
up to $1,000
Married Joint
up to $2,500
Married Separately
up to $1,250 each
Owner or member of an LLC, Sub S-Corp,
    Partnership or other pass through entity
up to $10,000 or your actual 2019 Georgia Tax Liability (whichever is less)
C-Corp or Trust
up to 75% of the estimated 2019 Georgia Tax Liability

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(Please contact GaSSO at (678) 947-0238 or if you need any assistance.)

  By clicking submit you are agreeing to allow Georgia Student Scholarship Organization (SSO), Inc (GaSSO) to use the information provided as a substitute IT-QEE-TP1 Form to apply for approval to donate to the Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit Program for calendar year 2019 to Georgia Department of Revenue (GADOR). GaSSO does not guarantee your request will be approved by GADOR and any information rejected by GADOR from the Form is the responsibility of the applicant. GaSSO does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the data provided by the applicant to GaSSO. You also agree to GaSSO's Terms of Service and GaSSO's Privacy Statement.

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