Georgia's Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit Program
Georgia Student Scholarship Organization

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Since earning our authorization as an approved Student Scholarship Organization in 2008, GaSSO has partnered with more than 150 accredited private schools – serving students from pre-kindergarten through high school – throughout Georgia.

As part of our mission, we travel the state conducting presentations for private school administrators and groups of parents and donors to explain the Georgia QEE Credit Program. We’ve conducted more than 600 seminars over the past five years. If you would like a presentation at your school, please click here and submit a request. Or call Bob Jasion, GaSSO Director, at 678-947-0238.

We believe the QEE Credit Program gives Georgia children access to an incredibly wide range of educational opportunities. Our mission is to help facilitate those opportunities and to support our private school partners by expediting the disbursement of scholarship funds and minimizing administrative requirements associated with the scholarship awards. GaSSO imposes no requirements or criteria for scholarship awards beyond those set out in the state law governing the QEE Credit Program; we believe that is the proper responsibility of the schools themselves.

In this same vein, we allow scholarships to be awarded at any time and not, as some SSOs require, only at set dates. We also provide our partner schools with twice monthly updates on the amount of donations that have been designated for their schools, enabling them to make scholarship awards as quickly as possible.

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