Georgia's Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit Program
Georgia Student Scholarship Organization

Why Partner with GASSO?

GASSO has sent checks to schools totaling over $20million

For Schools

  1. GASSO updates all partner schools with donation and scholarship information summaries twice per month. Schools are up to date with the amount of donations available for awards and the awards distributed to the school year to date.

  2. GASSO relies on the partner schools to determine the criteria for scholarship awards best suited for the needs of the students, school and community supporting the school. GASSO does not impose any arbitrary requirements for scholarship qualifications other than the eligibility requirement listed in HB 1133/325.

  3. GASSO distributes scholarship award checks to the schools usually within 3 business days of receiving a completed approved application form from the school.

  4. GASSO awards the total amount of scholarship approved by the school instead of “obligating” the award for distribution at some later date.

  5. GASSO offers seminars about the program for parents, donors and schools at no cost to the school.

  6. GASSO never puts Scholarship funds at risk by investing donations.

For Donors

  1. GASSO allows Donors to direct their donations to the school(s) of their choice.

  2. GASSO holds seminars for Donors to understand the law and donation process at no charge to the Donor.

  3. GASSO is readily available by phone or email for answering questions about the donation process.

  4. GASSO’s process quickly turns a Donation into a Scholarship Award in as little as two weeks.

For Parents/Students

  1. GASSO quickly distributes checks for approved scholarship awards to the school (usually within 3 business days).

  2. GASSO holds seminars to educate and inform parents about the eligibility requirements for a student to participate in the program and receive a scholarship. GASSO provides this service to the schools, parents and donors at no cost.

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