Georgia's Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit Program
Georgia Student Scholarship Organization

GASSO recommends using our easy 1 Step Donation Process

However, you may file for your own approval online with GADOR by following these steps:

  1. 1.Go to GADOR web site at -

  1. 2.Once there, you will need to create a login ID and password.

  1. 3.Here is a link that describes how to create the login ID and password -

Donors will need to have the following information available to create a login ID and Password

  1. Donors will need their AGI (Federal Adjusted Gross Income from 2010)

  2. Correct Social Security Number

  3. Zip Code

  1. 4.After requesting your login ID and password, you will receive an email from GADOR confirming your request. This takes 3-4 hours or longer to receive the email.

  1. 5.Go back to the GADOR web site and login using your ID and password -

  1. 6.Once here, you can click on “My Account” and then the “Submit QEE Credit Form” and complete the information to submit your pre-approval. When selecting the SSO, be careful to select Georgia Student Scholarship Organization. Otherwise your donation will be approved to go to another SSO. 

  1. 7.Once you complete all of the different pages, submit your request to GADOR.

  1. 8.You will receive a confirmation that your request for approval has been made.

  1. 9.Once approved, you should receive a letter from GADOR. Remember GADOR can take up to 30 days to send your approval letter. GADOR processes approvals in the order received and does not send out “instant” approval with the online process.

  1. 10.You will have 60 days from the approval date of the letter to send your donation to GASSO along with your Donor Designation Form.

Unfortunately, GASSO will not be able to track or view your approval process and will not be able to assist if any problems arise with gaining your approval.

If you have problems with this online system, we recommend using our easy 1 Step Donation Process.

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