Georgia's Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit Program
Georgia Student Scholarship Organization

For Donors And Parents

Since 2008, GaSSO has received and processed nearly $28 million in donations from 7,500-plus individual, family and corporate donors throughout Georgia.

In contrast to some SSOs that invest donations for a period of months, GaSSO never puts a penny of your donation at risk in any kind of investment instrument. We don’t even deposit checks until the Department of Revenue has approved and accepted the donation. And we transmit the proceeds to designated schools within three business days after receiving the school’s approved scholarship application form.

Our 1-Step Online Donation Process is simple and easy to use. We allow payment by check or credit card. We file your “pre-approval” form electronically with DOR and, again, do not deposit your checks or charge your credit card until your donation is approved by DOR.

Throughout the process – and afterwards – we’re always available by email or phone to assist you with the process and answer any questions you have.

For the brief period of time when we do hold your money, it’s deposited in a government-backed account that protects it even if the bank fails.

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