Georgia's Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit Program
Georgia Student Scholarship Organization

GASSO’s 1 Step Donation Process makes donating to the Program easy

Complete a Pre-Approval Form (Georgia Form IT-QEE-TP1), Donor Recommendation Form, and your donation check (payable to GASSO, Inc.) and mail everything to:


P.O. Box 1752

Cumming, GA 30028


GASSO will electronically file for approval with GADOR. GASSO  will track and receive the approval (usually within 30 days) for the Donor. GASSO sends you all the documents needed to file with your tax returns and informs the school your donation is available for scholarship award.

Donation Limits Per Year by Filing Status

  $1000 max per year
  $2500 max per year
C Corporation
  up to 75% of GA tax Liability

For an individual taxpayer, the credit is further limited and may not exceed the taxpayer’s income liability. The amount of the credit that exceeds the taxpayer’s income liability can be used against the next succeeding five years’ tax liability.

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